Meeting Time

Club meetings are held weekly:
Monday - 8:00pm - College of Business.
Please email us at if you are interested in attending these meetings and/or have any questions.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Women in Business is "Joinging Hearts and Hands" with children in Africa

Last year, our first year as a recognized club, Women in Business (WIB) successfully held a Skate for A Cause Fundraiser event. We were able to raise over $700 dollars, which we donated to the Rochester Chapter of Alternative for Battered Women. For having no funds to advertise for this event, we were happy with the turn out of over 130 people.

After seeing what a great success this event was, we have made Skate for a Cause our "signature event." This year we plan to raise money for a Rochester Organization called Joining Hearts and Hands. This organization is run by Dr. Cala and his wife, and benefits children and women's groups in Kenya and Tanzania.

We choose this organization for several reasons. In 2007, five days after Fairport High Schools graduation, five amazing young ladies died in a car accident... one of these girls was named Hannah Congdon. When Hannah passed away her family decided to donate the money given in her name to Joining Hearts and Hands. It was their hope that the organization would be able to build a school for children in Africa; it was Hannah's dream to be a teacher in a third world country. In January of 2009, that is exactly what they did.

Holding this event will raise money to build a new classroom for more children to attend school. The Cala’s plan to continue building classrooms up through 8th grade.

This event will provide an opportunity for both RIT students and staff, as well as the Rochester and Fairport community to get involved and support an amazing cause.

We will be sure to let everyone know when we have a date for the event.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Active Member Responsibilities and Expectations

Women in Business – Active Member Responsibilities and Expectations

Members will be required to pay a quarterly of $10.00. This money will be put towards purchases that will benefit the members who have paid. (T-shirts, supplies, food, special trips, etc.)

To be considered an active member one must (per quarter)
  • Attend at least 5 out of the 7 meeting
  • Attend at least 2 scheduled community service events
  • Attend at least 2 social events
(Attending more than 2 community service events can count towards a missed meeting)

Active Members will be given first choice on attending networking and social community events (i.e. Key4Women, Women’s Achievement Dinner), and signing up for events if there is a limited number of members who can participate.

Active members will receive t-shirts and other benefits, using the club funds, for their commitment.

If an Active Member has an interest in holding an E-board position, she should request to shadow the position for a period of at least 5 weeks.

To become an Executive Board Representative, members are required to complete two quarters as an “Active Member” before they can run.