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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Imagine RIT Festival

Look for the Women in Business exhibit at this years Imagine RIT Festival on May 1, 2010!

Women in Business recognizes the needs of children in Africa and has partnered with Joining Hearts and Hands to implement innovative and sustainable programs aimed to improve quality of life. This creative partnership has provided Women in Business with opportunities to get the Rochester Community involved in raising money for a classroom at a school for children orphaned by AIDS.

Women in Business not only hosts events to raise money for Joining Hearts and Hands to make a difference in the lives of African people, but will be traveling there to share our knowledge of business and personal empowerment with the IGLA’s (Income Generating Learning Activities) and at several schools Joining Hearts and Hands has built. Our idea of innovation in Africa means giving the people necessary tools and knowledge to live a healthy and dignified lifestyle.

In visiting the Women in Business exhibit, visitors will have an educational and inspiring look into the life of children and women’s groups in Africa. Visitors to the exhibit will have the opportunity to be involved in expanding the relationship between the Rochester community, Joining Hearts and Hands, and villages in Africa. Through a slide show presentation and first had accounts visitors will learn how they can support the efforts of the Women in Business group in creating a better life for African children orphaned by AIDS. In addition they will learn about sustainable businesses run by small women’s groups which are established through Joining Hearts and Hands.

Visitors will walk away with a renewed sense of empowerment, the importance of reaching out to others, and ideas how they can help RIT’s Women in Business group with meet our objectives and continue that work in their own community.

Hope to see you there!

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